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Send your worn Ride Wheels to Industrial Wheels. Get them back in 7-10 business days.

AmusmentWheels3.jpgIndustrial Wheels rebonds polyurethane guide, road, and uplift wheels for all types of Amusement Rides from Arrow, Itamin, Vekoma, and others. We offer the highest performing polyurethane sytems including: TDI and PPDI in hardnesses of Shore 80A, 90A, 92A, 95A, and 60D

Why have 14+ Amusement Parks including: Cedar Point, Kings Island, Valleyfair, Six Flags Montreal, Michigan Adventure, Dreampark (Giza, Egypt) & PNE Playland chosen Industrial Wheels as their primary polyurethane wheel rebonder?

Non-Destructive Rebonding Process

Unlike our competition we will not reduce the life of your wheel hubs by machining old urethane off. We have a proprietary process for old urethane removal that leaves your wheel OD unchanged

No Bond Failures

Nothing is worse than the urethane coming off a wheel during ride operation. We use only tested proven adhesives systems and wheel hubs are cleaned and are shotpeened prior to adhesive application.  

Flexible Fast Delivery

During the busy ride repair off season we stay in close contact with our customers to get them the specific ride wheels they need to meet their build schedules. We are a phone call away if we need to change our schedule to meet your needs. 

Ride Wheel Expertise

AmusmentWheels1.jpgWith over 33 years of amusement ride wheel repair experience, we can recommend the optimum sizing, hardness and urethane selection for all the wheels you have running.

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