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Food Production

Wheels Rebonded by Industrial Wheels:

  • Last Longer than OEM wheels. 
    We use only use High Performance Polyurethane systems. OEM’s use lesser quality lower priced urethanes. 
  • Cost 35-60% less than OEM Wheels.
  • Repaired and back to you in 7-10 business days

Wonder how we do polyurethane rebonding?

food2.jpgIndustrial Wheels will add a new polyurethane layer to your worn friction drive wheels and return them in 7-10 days.


The rebounded friction drive wheels will be machined to match the exact dimension of your original OEM wheels. 

Our ever growing list of customers include Nestle, and Aryzta

We also repair Forklift and Pallet Lift truck wheels for Food Distribution.

Our wheels can be found in distribution centers of Save A Lot, Hormel, Aldi, SUPERVALU, & other centers throughout the US. Our wheels hold up to harshest environments, like cold storage and uneven floors. Our wheels can be found on pallet lift trucks that travel at high speed with high load. Longer life wheels means fewer wheel changes.

Need New Forklift and Pallet Lift truck wheels?

materials2.jpgWe have select sizes available. Send us an email and we can provide sizes and pricing.

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