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New Applications

We Can Apply Polyurethane to Your Guards, Bumpers, Conveyor Teeth, & Pipe Rests

Our customer, with a high speed container line, was looking for a way to soften the impact of conveyor car load bearings on the steel guide bar.  We bonded a 3/8” layer of 90A TDI Polyurethane to the bumper edge.  The result, no more bearing damage and much less noise.

Bumper Bar 1.jpg

Bumper Bar 2.jpg 

We Manufacture Custom Polyurethane Drive Wheels

Our customer needed drive wheels to rotate large steel pressure vessels.  The 95A TDI polyurethane coated wheels are able to carry the weight and rotate the part without slippage as the inner circumference of the tanks are painted.

Drive Wheel 1.jpg

Drive Wheel 2.jpg