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Feel free to download the materials below.

Tire Pressing Procedure

Tire Pressing Procedure for 16 x 3 x 12 (Red) or 16 x 6 x 12 (Green) Tunnel Washer Press Ons
Filename: IndWhl_tirepress.pdf
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Our Wheel Rebonding Process

All about our rebonding process, step by step.
Filename: Wheel_Rebonding.pdf
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Cast Polyurethane: Suprisingly Versatile

As flexible as a rubber band or as rigid as some metals, castable polyurethane elastomers are ideal in a far wider range of applications than many designers realize. Need lots of resistance? Check. Shock absorption? Check. Load-bearing capacity? Check. Machinability? Check. Cast polyurethane can do it all—and with lower tooling costs and shorter lead times than other materials. It’s surprisingly versatile. And it just might be the right alternative to plastic, metal or rubber for your part.
Filename: PMA_Surprisingly_Versatile_Brochure.pdf
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The Post-Recession State of the Cast Polyurethane Industry

A Study Commissioned by the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association
Filename: Cast_Polyurethane_Industry_Report.pdf
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